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For those who enjoy diving in nature, you can visit many natural parks around the campsite.

Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia

The promontory dressed in green and the curved line of the bay frame the remains of an Etruscan city. The monumental Necropolis lapped by the sea, the Etruscan tombs cut into the rock of a former quarry which opens to the scenery of the forest that speak to us of the splendor of a civilization flourished on the manufacture of iron from Elba.

Forest Park of Poggio Neri

A natural forest of chestnut trees, oaks and cork oaks. A green kingdom, dominated by wild boars and roe deer at a short distance from the ancient village of Sassetta clunged to the peaks of a high hill which overlooks the valley.

Natural Park of Montioni

Following the traces left by shepherds and hunters, loggers and charcoal burners, you enter in a natural environment populated by a large and varied fauna . In the heart of the park the signs of man emerge from the remains of the alum quarries and the mining village of the Napoleonic era wanted by Elisa Bonaparte Baiocchi.

Coastal Park Rimigliano

A strip of green land , overlooking the sea where the Mediterranean vegetation can be found in an exceptional variety . From the sand dunes , where the stain is bent from the sea winds , the cool forest dominated by oaks, cork oaks and pine trees.

Sterpaia Park

A precious and rare humid forest, typical for the ancient coastal landscape of the Maremma, which has miraculously survived deforestation . An enchanted environment where getting lost among ancient oaks in the company of small fauna of the forest, and discovering, beyond the sandy dunes, the sea.

Maremma Park

Access from the north from Alberese and south from Talamone. You can only go hiking or riding on a horseback. Three guided tours of about 2 hours on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays (from the entry of Alberese). Without guide you can visit the park every day.

Reservations at the Center for visits to Alberese tel.


Near the campsite you can also visit some of the WWF Oasis.

Castagneto Carducci – Bolgheri – WWF Oasis Padule di Bolgheri “Marquis Mario Incisa della Rocchetta”
Piombino – Padule Orti di Bottagone
Orbetello – Oasi Laguna di Orbetello